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For Baton Rouge properties, pressure washing just got a whole lot simpler. Outdoor Cleaning Service brings the best in service – and results to match – to your commercial exterior.

The outcome? You can spend less time on logistics, and more time on business as usual.

5 Reasons You Can Count on Outdoor Cleaning Service

Our team is proud to serve the Baton Rouge community with exceptional pressure washing services. For us, this commitment to high-caliber solutions is an obvious choice – our clients don’t deserve anything less. There are a few key expectations you can have from our team.

  • We prioritize environmental responsibility. We keep your Baton Rouge property within EPA compliance using approved cleaning products, water reclaim, and building responsible practices into every service.
  • We’re the largest provider for the Baton Rouge area and Gulf Region. Our team comes to you with expert service that addresses your local and regional cleaning needs.
  • We invest in the best. We invest in top of the line equipment to provide unparalleled quality and reliability. We’re intentional about the equipment and cleaning methods we use in our services. You know you’re getting an industry-leading solution.
  • We’re scalable. We specialize in cleaning the big stuff. That means that there’s virtually no Baton Rouge pressure washing need we can’t address.
  • We guarantee success. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Baton Rouge pressure washing service, we still have work to do.


Commercial pressure washing doesn’t have to be a burden. With our Baton Rouge experts addressing your exterior cleaning needs, you know your property is well-positioned for success – from the parking lot to the entryway!


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