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Pressure Washing Services in Lafayette, LA

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Serving All of Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Texas, & Southern Arkansas

Complete Industrial Cleaning Solutions

 Your work environment is demanding. You’re constantly working towards the bottom line; and creating a safe work environment is essential. Outdoor Cleaning Service promotes a clean, secure, and well-managed worksite with our industrial cleaning solutions.

An Ally to Every Industry

Our team has worked across virtually every work environment – and we understand the demands placed on each one. We’re well-equipped to address the needs of every industrial site, including:

  • Oilfields
    • Rig wash downs
    • Equipment cleaning
    • Exterior tank cleaning
  • Food processing facilities
  • Power facilities
  • Cargo and shipping
  • Machine shops
  • Wash bays
  • Warehouse and processing areas
  • Railroads, culverts, and spillways

One Expert Source for Your Property

Innovative cleaning equipment. Rigorous training and industry-level certification. Embedded safety systems. Quality, guaranteed. Outdoor Cleaning Service comes equipped with it all. Our team delivers high-level results through our meticulous industrial cleaning model. We:

  • Deliver consultation to create an industrial cleaning plan
  • Map out recurring cleaning that aligns with the needs of your workplace
  • Implement cleaning solutions that won’t disrupt your worksite

Your Partner in Code Compliance

Industrial worksites are required to meet a rigorous set of health and safety standards. We deliver industrial cleaning services help your work environment retain its status as a secure website. And we achieve this through dynamic power washing and cleaning solutions. Regular service will ensure that your work environment complies with laws and regulations outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

With Outdoor Cleaning Service, all your industrial cleaning needs are met through an exacting approach, a professional framework, and the security of a satisfaction guarantee. It’s our way of ensuring that your workplace is ready for business.


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