Industrial Cleaning

Lafayette Industrial Cleaning

You’re looking for results. You’re looking for efficiency. And you’re looking for the expertise of a team you can always count on.

Enter Outdoor Cleaning Service. Our Lafayette industrial cleaning services ensure that your property is well-prepared to deliver the best in safety and lasting quality.

Industrial Cleaning Expertise in Lafayette

Our clients in the Lafayette industrial sector are on the move. They have targets to meet; they have objectives that guide their workflow everyday.

We deliver a cleaning service that will speed you up - not slow you down. With our complete suite of industrial cleaning services, you can feel confident that you’re investing in the safety, the longevity, and the quality of your space. And when our team is leading every project, you can count on getting the result you want efficiently and effectively. Our Lafayette industrial cleaning services include:

  • Industrial surface cleaning
    We apply our mobile pressure washing technology to remove debris and dirt from virtually any surface in your space, from the building exterior to flooring to your walls.
  • Heavy equipment cleaning
    Your machinery keeps your business on the move. With our specialized pressure washing service, you can expect better longevity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Loading dock cleaning
    We keep this critical component of your space clean, sanitary, and safe for every member of your team to navigate.

Guided by the expertise of our industrial cleaning specialists, you can feel confident that your Lafayette property is well prepared for success - and enduring results to match.

Expect the Best from Outdoor Cleaning Service

Our team doesn’t bother with “standard” service. Instead, we bring the best in industrial cleaning to Lafayette. With our team by your side, you can expect:

  • Hot water pressure washing
    With hot water capability, we can remove virtually any buildup.
  • 24/7 scheduling
    We work on your schedule - and never expect it to be the other way around.
  • Environmental responsibility
    Our team will keep your Lafayette property EPA compliant with our biodegradable cleaners and waste water recovery system.

Make your warehouse or property the well-oiled machine it should be. With support from your Lafayette industrial cleaning specialists at Outdoor Cleaning Service, you will always be primed for success!

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