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Before & After Concrete Cleaning In Lafayette & Lafayette, LA

Your hardscapes lay the foundation of your entire property. Professional Concrete Cleaning services make sure that that base is always a great one.

We work with residential and commercial properties of all sizes to deliver custom surface cleaning solutions. From single-family home to sprawling shopping centers, the Outdoor Cleaning Service team specializes in tailored service that makes an impact.

Top Quality and Benefits to Match

When you’re scheduling a concrete cleaning service, you should always be able to do so with confidence. Outdoor Cleaning Service is your reliable community source for solutions that go beyond clean hardscapes and concrete.

We provide:

  • Environmental Responsibility
    All of our concrete cleaners are biodegradable and earth-friendly, making them safe for your landscaping and all of the people and pets who call your property home.
  • EPA Compliance
    Every service is conducted to align with regulations outlined by the EPA. By keeping your property in compliance, you avoid costly fines and keep your property healthy.
  • Top Quality Equipment
    We only use the industry’s best pressure washing equipment to make each job a complete success.
  • Waste Water Recovery
    Our unit is equipped with a waste water recovery system that captures, treats, and removes all of the water used in the cleaning process.

Quality is our priority. With Outdoor Cleaning Service, your dirty concrete isn’t a problem-area… It’s simply an opportunity for a great solution.

What to Expect from Your Concrete

Our job is to take dirty concrete and make it shine. With a specialized team and an inventory of the best equipment and cleaners, we’re proud to deliver a surface cleaning solution that improves:

  • Curb appeal
    We remove dirt, chewing gum, grease, and other stains that are impacting the appearance of your hardscapes. The result is a property that looks cleaner, more welcoming, and more professional.
  • Safety
    Slip-and-fall accidents are a common fear amongst property owners. We help customers reduce the risk by removing the buildup that can trigger these incidents. This promotes a safer property for pedestrians and drivers alike.
  • Quality
    Regularly maintained concrete will last longer. You’ll see fewer cracks, less fading, and stronger quality throughout the entire surface. It’s one of the best ways to put off a costly replacement project.

Our Concrete Cleaning Services

There’s no “type” when it comes to our customers – we are proud to serve a broad range of properties throughout Louisiana. From homeowners to small businesses, from HOAs to large corporate headquarters, our team is equipped to handle it all.

Customers know that they can trust us for all of their concrete cleaning needs. Supported by the industry’s best technology, a team of specialist technicians, and the best cleaners and degreasers, we’re a trusted source for (click each to learn more):

A successful property really does start from the ground. When you choose Outdoor Cleaning Service to revitalize your concrete, you are getting a long-term investment that will continue to advance your home or business.

No matter how large your property, or how dirty your concrete, we have a solution for you. Our team will provide onsite service with a process that will:

  • Pre-inspect your concrete to determine its specific cleaning needs
  • Create a cleaning estimate to ensure transparency
  • Deploy a custom cleaning plan to restore your concrete
  • Inspect the result to make sure that every inch is up to standard
  • Debut your clean concrete surfaces

We’re obsessed with quality. When you pair that commitment to excellence with our honest service, you’re getting a guarantee. Concrete cleaning from Outdoor Cleaning Service will always bring the highest caliber of excellence to your hardscapes… From the pillar to the parking lot!

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