High Rise Building Cleaning

As spring nears, you may see that the harsh winter months have left dirt, mold, and other types of grime on your high rise building. Outdoor Cleaning Services uses hot water pressure technology to rejuvenate your property and make it more appealing to potential renters.

Instead of letting your high rise building accumulate pollution, dirt, pollen, and mold rely on our professionals to make your property look like new, again.

Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Washing

No job is too tough for our hot water pressure washing technology. By using hot water, we can remove practically any stain from your building. Our technique also eliminates the dirt that your building’s exterior collects throughout the year.

When we finish, you will have a beautiful building that looks as attractive as the day you bought it.

Outdoor Cleaning Services Takes Environmental Responsibility Seriously

The most difficult jobs often require cleaning products that break down years of grime. Outdoor Cleaning Services uses biodegradable cleaning products that won’t harm your building, plants, or tenants.

We take environmental responsibility so seriously that we incorporate wastewater recovery into every cleaning job. All of the water that we use gets collected by our wastewater recovery system. The dirty water never enters nearby storm drains.

Every aspect of our high rise building cleaning uses products and systems that have been approved by the EPA. Our team always follows federal and state regulations. You never have to worry about getting a citation or fine.

Schedule Your Commercial Washing With Outdoor Cleaning Services

Outdoor Cleaning Services is an extremely flexible company focused on meeting your needs. We offer 24-hour services so we can always fit cleaning into your schedule. If you have a residential high rise, then you may prefer exterior cleaning during the day when your tenants are at work. If you have a commercial high rise building, then you may want us to clean the exterior after business hours.

We serve a wide area that includes Southern Arkansas, Eastern Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Contact Outdoor Cleaning Services to get a free estimate and schedule your high rise building cleaning. Spring will be here before you know it. Schedule your cleaning soon so we can give you the services your building needs to look its best.

Anya Curry

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