From the playground to the lecture hall, we believe that every level of learning should be inspiring and accessible.

That’s why we’re committed to supporting schools and universities to ensure that exterior cleaning goals are met. After all, your student body should be focused on their schoolwork – not the stains on your building exterior.

Our Complete Service Menu

A lot of different pieces go into a well-functioning educational institution. The same rule applies for its property maintenance.

Outdoor Cleaning Service delivers with a complete selection of exterior cleaning solutions that prepare your property for success:

  1. Building Cleaning
    We remove dirt, mold, and other issues that might stain your public image.
  2. Concrete Cleaning
    Our pressure washing system removes everything from chewing gum to tire treads.
  3. Window Cleaning
    Streak-free, clean, and light-filled will be the hallmark quality of every window.
  4. Roof Cleaning
    Our soft washing solution removes black stripes and stains from your roof.
  5. Graffiti Removal
    We keep your professional image on track with emergency graffiti removal.

Tips to Successful School Property Maintenance

Strip away stress when you choose a property maintenance company you can trust. Outdoor Cleaning Service simplifies the exterior cleaning needs of your school or university with:

  • Pressure washing and soft washing capabilities to address every service
  • Professional technicians who are well-equipped to deliver solutions for your property
  • EPA compliance to ensure that your property is environmentally responsible

With exterior cleaning and pressure washing solutions from Outdoor Cleaning Service, your school or university will inspire pride and trust. And it all starts with that sparkling first impression.