Outdoor cleaning is an essential part of keeping businesses, schools, and apartment buildings attractive. Not all types of outdoor cleaning offer the same results, though. Before you hire a company to clean your building, parking lots, and grounds, you should know how to choose the services that match your needs.

Soft Wash Techniques Cause Less Wear and Tear

Power washing plays a key role in keeping your building and parking lot clean. Companies that use excessive amounts of pressure to finish jobs quickly, however, can cause damage to your property.

Soft wash techniques use low-pressure nozzles to clean surfaces without causing wear and tear. The process takes a little longer, but you get the same results without damaging your building, parking lot, and other structures.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Protect Your Property and the Environment

Soft washing techniques also use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Eco-friendly products do more than protect the environment, though. Biodegradable cleansers aren’t as abrasive as traditional cleaners, so they won’t harm your stone, blacktop, and other materials.

Eco-friendly cleaning products will also protect the plants on your property. The cleaners have the ability to remove mold, pollen, moss, and algae without hurting the plants that beautify your building and grounds. You don’t get the same assurance from traditional products that often contain destructive chemicals.

The Right Cleaning Services for Each Season

The weather affects the type of cleaning services that you need throughout the year. During spring and summer, you need a cleaning company that can remove dirt, algae, and other contaminants from your building’s exterior. As plant life flourishes, you have to address the issues caused by pollen and airborne dirt.

As the weather gets colder, though, you’ll need flat work that keeps your parking lots clean and safe. While most of the Southern states stay fairly warm during winter, some areas of Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana can receive snow and hale. Without a reliable cleaning company that knows how to address these issues, your customers and residents may have difficulty visiting your location.

Outdoor Cleaning Service provides a full range of commercial and multi-property cleaning services that will keep your property safe and attractive. Contact us to get a competitive quote for the services you need.