Did you know that most of the buildings in Louisiana were manufactured following the DIY technique and for that reason, the presence of scratches and dirt accumulation in windows, shop store, concrete sidewalks and the rest of the exterior of the buildings, is almost mandatory?

Do not despair anymore because of this annoying and unsightly problem, there is a solution.

Window pressure cleaning is a service without limitations designed for your needs and executed by professionals with the most innovative technology to ensure an impeccable, safe and effective result.

If you are tired of seeing that your property exhibits a dirty, neglected and worn appearance, it is time to think of a pressure cleaning service that stands your business out from the rest.


  • Because the first impression is what counts and if your customers see a neglected and dirty area they will think the same of your company and even your staff.
  • If the windows are dirty, they will reduce the passage of natural light into the offices, forcing the use of artificial light, which will increase the cost of the electric bill.

If you do not want to waste your money buying expensive materials or hiring unskilled personnel that will leave you with less than excellent results, you must consider hiring Outdoor Cleaning Service.

Outdoor Cleaning Service offers the window pressure cleaning service that your business needs since they have highly trained personnel and uses purified water, which completely eliminates the subsequent presence of mineral deposits in windows and frames.

Ask for your budget today. Outdoor Cleaning Service adapts to the labor hours of your business and also to the size of your pocket.