Attention commercial owners: you know how critical it is to give your customers (both current and potential) the best image possible. That means that cleanliness is paramount – especially when it comes to your roof. When your customers look up, they should see a roof that’s in the best condition possible. That’s where the experts at the Outdoor Cleaning Service come in!

Why Get Your Commercial Roof Cleaned?

Count on Outdoor Cleaning Service to get your roof looking tip-top for the new year. In the Southern states – especially Louisiana – those dark stripes on roofs come from a certain type of bacteria. The more it eats, the more it grows, and the more scarred – and dangerous – your roof situation becomes.

Take care of those harmful streaks ASAP with the professional care from the Outdoor Cleaning Service. The Outdoor Cleaning Service’s trademark techniques remove black stains, kill harmful bacteria buildup, and wash away dirt, mildew, mold, and algae. We use a special soft-washing solution with low pressure to clean your shingles. Unlike other cleaners’ harsh pressure washing techniques, this gentle and soft method removes all the bad buildup without harming the shingles below. The result? You get a beautiful-looking roof you can be proud of.

Get Started With Outdoor Cleaning Service

Ready to schedule your appointment in time for the new season? Outdoor Cleaning Service proudly provides service to Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Texas, and Southern Arkansas. We also the best in pressure washing services for residences and multi-family buildings. Visit our website at to view our services and set up an appointment!