Since 2005, Outdoor Cleaning Service has provided Lafayette and surrounding areas with services for all their exterior cleaning service needs. Our services include commercial pressure washing, commercial window washing, parking lot striping, and oil/grease removal. Contact us today for all your Outdoor Cleaning Needs!

Specialized Cleaning for Your Parking Garage

Make your parking garage an easy win with Outdoor Cleaning Service! Our Baton Rouge pressure washing solution will create an exceptional first impression that walks the walk and talks the talk. Parking Garage Cleaning Matters Too often, your parking garage becomes an afterthought. But this is a place that every single customer and every single employee experiences on…

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Baton Rouge Warehouse Cleaning Your warehouse is critical to the success of your business. But without a high-level maintenance plan in place, the most important part of your property can turn into a liability. With Baton Rouge warehouse cleaning from Outdoor Cleaning Service, you can stay on-the-move with a space that is safe, code-compliant, and sanitary. Let our experts focus on the cleaning needs of your property, so you can focus on what really counts: your business. Warehouse Cleaning Solutions in Baton Rouge If you manage a warehouse facility in Baton Rouge, ‘forward-moving’ is an everyday norm. And this part of your property should inspire productivity - now hold you back. That’s where Outdoor Cleaning Service can help. We offer a complete suite of warehouse cleaning solutions delivered to guarantee EPA compliance, facilitate safety, and promote workplace efficiency. Let by our team of expert technicians, we offer the following Baton Rouge warehouse services to bring out the best in your property: Surface cleaning With our mobile pressure washing technology, we remove debris and buildup at every level, from grease to dirt. This is the most effective way to restore your warehouse flooring, walls, and walkways. Heavy equipment cleaning With specialized equipment cleaning, you can stretch the lifetime of your technology and ensure that you’re getting the benefit of an expert cleaning service that protects the integrity of these important tools. Loading dock cleaning We deliver a hot pressure washing system to this high-traffic area to eliminate contaminants and the risk of slip and fall accidents. Spill cleanup Whether grease or oil takes a spill in your warehouse, our team is here to pick up the pieces. We safely and effectively remove buildup to get you back on track. With the expertise of our technicians - and a complete inventory of top of the line pressure washing equipment to match - Outdoor Cleaning Services guarantees that your Baton Rouge warehouse cleaning solution will be the best in the region. Superior Solutions from Outdoor Cleaning Service Our team is proud to serve the industrial and commercial sectors in Baton Rouge. With complete warehouse cleaning from our team, you can feel confident that you’re making an investment with long-lasting power and immediate results, too. We stand out from competitors with: Hot water pressure washing Our hot water technology can break down virtually any level of buildup with ease. 24/7 scheduling With day-and-night scheduling, we ensure you get the service you need without putting your operation on hold. Environmental responsibility With wastewater recovery, biodegradable cleaning products, and EPA-approved techniques, we deliver the best in quality to your property. Baton Rouge warehouse cleaning is simpler when you put your trust in Outdoor Cleaning Service. We’re here to make your property what it should be: a beacon of productivity!

Warehouse Cleaning

There are more than 17,000 warehouses in the United States [1]. Companies of all shapes and sizes use these facilities to store and distribute a wide range of goods. If you own a warehouse, you need to adhere to the highest cleaning standards — or you could face fines from the federal or local government.…

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Parking Lot Cleaning Baton Rouge Make your property welcome customers with confidence courtesy of our Baton Rouge parking lot cleaning solution! Outdoor Cleaning Service delivers the pressure washing expertise your exterior needs to get the best from your hardscapes. Superior Baton Rouge Pressure Washing Your parking lot is caught between two worlds. On one hand, it’s a vital part of your property’s curb appeal and the customer experience. This is where your clients enter and exit your business - and you want the interaction to make a positive impression. On the other hand, your parking lot is constantly worn down by vehicle traffic. And that wear can make itself visible. Our team provides the professional antidote. Our Baton Rouge parking lot cleaning solution delivers superior quality in: Stain removal: Grease, oil, and other vehicle leaks can take a visible toll. We extract discoloration to leave your parking lot looking professional and well maintained. Debris removal: Chewing gum, dirt, mysterious buildup – we’ve seen it all. Our pressure washing solution delivers the process your property needs for authentic cleaning power. Quality control: With routine parking lot cleaning service, your hardscapes don’t just look better. They last longer. A Better Parking Lot Cleaning Service We’re proud to offer the best parking lot cleaning solution in Baton Rouge. With the guidance of our pressure washing experts, you can feel confident in your service – and the results that follow. Outdoor Cleaning Service offers: Hot water pressure washing: This technology ensures that even the most stubborn buildup disappears from your hardscapes. Environmental compliance: All our pressure washing equipment, cleaners, and water reclamation systems ensure that your Baton Rouge parking lot cleaning solution is safe for the planet and your property’s code compliance. Convenient: We partner with commercial properties all around the region to deliver quality routine service. When you choose our team, you know you’re getting the best. Your Baton Rouge property deserves superior care – and a superior parking lot to match. Get the perfect balancing act in Outdoor Cleaning Service. We’re here to serve you!

Cleaning Up Your Parking Lots Makes Customers Happy

Client satisfaction. It’s one of the most important components of any property – and often, it marks the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal one. There are a lot of factors that go into customer success. But an easy win comes with simple property maintenance. Our Baton Rouge parking lot cleaning specialists are…

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